Tori Spelling’s 3-Year-Old Is On Twitter


Call it “Sh*t My Kid Says”: Tori Spelling has started a Twitter account for her three-year-old son Liam where she transcribes the funny things the child says.  The Twitter site is called LiamsWorld and so far, it contains pithy gems like “My belly roars like a monster. It says MUST EAT LOLLIPOPS! Yum!” and “Mama, you’re Lady Gaga cause you have yellow hair and you are fancy!”

Look, it’s a well-known fact that kids really do say the darnedest things, and so far Liam’s tweets are cute, but we can’t help but feel like Twitter for a toddler is taking things too far, especially…well, especially when you’re Tori Spelling and already have books and reality shows about your life and now you’re taking even more privacy away from your defenseless kid. Little Liam is going to grow up thinking it’s expected that he write books with his name punnily inserted into the title (What would make a better first memoir? “One In A MillLIAM”, “LIAM La Vida Loca” or “LIAM? I Don’t Even Know Him!”) and that just by being an heir to the Spelling name, he has to stay in the spotlight or feud with his family to maintain his fame.

Wait, hang on. We thought of a few more titles for Liam’s possible autobiographies, guys. We can’t help it, it’s like Tori is willing this to happen. “iamLIAM”. “LIAM Me Alone!” “LIAM On Me, When You’re Not Strong” (obvs, a self-help guide) and the title he can use in case he gets involved with drugs “Somebody Hand Me My vaLIAM”. Of course, maybe we’re exaggerating just a little, but the kid already has 19,000 Twitter followers, so there’s clearly an audience for the tiny wordsmith.

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