That 70’s Show’s Danny Masterson In Real Estate Scam



Danny Masterson is probably feeling very stupid right now. Something his character Hyde on That ’70s Show probably wasn’t used to feeling. He got played in a real estate scam when he decided to invest in a $3.2 million condo back in 2007. He took a loan from a company called TomatoBank to come up with the cash. Problem is, he’s being sued by them for nearly the same amount for not making the payments on his $3.2 mill loan.

Masterson claims he’s been duped by them. The story is that he agreed to co-sign the loan with TomatoBank for the schmancy digs.  He says they totally played him by secretly approving a 3-story building, instead of a 4-story condo, like they had agrees. The builders then obviously ran into permit issues. And because his name’s on the papers, Danny’s the fall guy with a big fat loan and an unfinished building. And loads of debt. Masterson now wants the TomatoBank agreement to be rendered null and void, and wants the courts to get them to cough up the cash. Sounds like something Kelso would get himself into.

[Photo: Getty Images]

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