Mel Gibson’s Ex-Wife Defends Him



Just the other day, we were wondering how Mel Gibson‘s ex-wife Robyn felt about the tapes the revealed an unflattering portrait of her former husband. Was Robyn ever on the receiving end of some of Mel’s harsh outbursts over the course of their thirty year marriage? Apparently not!

TMZ reports that Robyn actually filed a sworn declaration on behalf of Mel to be read in court. It says “Mel never engaged in any physical abuse of any kind toward me before, during or after our marriage. . .Mel was a wonderful and loving father.” The statement will be admitted as evidence in Mel’s defense should a case be brought against him. Mel divorced Robyn while Oksana Grigorieva was already two months pregnant but despite that, it seems that Robyn still holds Mel in higher regard than Oksana. She says the charges of violence Oksana is claiming are “so beyond the truth.”

[Photo: Getty Images]

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