RPattz: “Kristen Is A Wonderful Girl”



Now that the truth is out there and our favorite fictional-but-real couple has been outed, Robsten(photos) are  finally able to discuss each other freely, openly and adorably. (Not that Rob and Kristen haven’t been hanging out all the time and being obvious about things already – and just look at that adoring gaze she’s aiming at him in that picture.)

Robert Pattinson (Photos) said in a recent interview with TV Week “Kristen and I have lived a great adventure together with the ‘Twilight’ films. We are very close and no one can understand what we’ve gone through together the last few years. When we’re together, we understand each other so well that we don’t have to say a lot to explain what we’re thinking. Kristen is a wonderful girl.” Ooh, so what you’re saying is that even though Edward can’t read Bella’s mind in the books, he can in real life? These two are even more magical than we thought.

[Photo: Getty Images]

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