7 Probably True Facts About Mel Gibson Revealed In Oksana Grigorieva’s Music Video


Yet another horrifying Mel Gibson recording has been released, worsening the case of Post-Traumatic Mel Gibson Rant Stress Syndrome we’ve come down with since the start of this mess. In order to remedy our situation we’ve turned to the Mel Gibson-directed music video for ex-girlfriend Oksana Grigorieva’s musical masterpiece “Beautiful Heartache.”

Lo and behold, we’ve uncovered a plethora of previously unknown deets about the actor and his former love just by watching “Beautiful Heartache” over and over again. Dig a little below the surface and you’ve got a pair passionate about flamenco dancing, red lip gloss and knives. Who knew?  Below are the 7 probably true facts about Mel and Oksana we dug up while watching – and cringing – and the magic they made together.

  • 1. The lyric “I love the way you wear your skin” is a direct reference to the wolf skin pelt Gibson would put on before attempting to run barefoot across the neighbor’s pool cover.
  • 2. All evidence suggests that neither Gibson nor Grigorieva were at any point aware that the song and the video are both really terrible.
  • 3. Due to budgetary constraints, Gibson had to forgo pyrotechnics, and instead just screamed at the piano until the keys burst into flames.
  • 4. In one of the leaked audio tapes Gibson rails about the large sum of money he purportedly sunk into Grigorieva’s musical career. However, in reality Gibson drunkenly burned $475,000 in a bonfire on the front lawn, then had his personal assistant pick up some supplies at Joanne Fabrics for the video.
  • 5. It has been reported that Oksana Grigorieva was born in Russia and brought up in the Ukraine. She was actually created in a mannequin factory, then shipped to a department store where she was brought to life by an old Egyptian spell.
  • 6. The dance scene that appears at the finale of the video was initially supposed to be shot at the bottom of Gibson’s Jacuzzi. When informed that this was not physically possible, Gibson squeezed a bottle of Fanta so hard it exploded, embedding a sliver of glass in the face of Josh Groban, who had stopped by to return a borrowed sweater.
  • 7. Gibson was initially going to play the knife thrower, and would be credited, per his request, as “Mal Gabson.”  He then repeated the name and laughed maniacally for 3 days straight, thus missing the shoot schedule.

- Halle Keifer

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