Jason Sudeikis Rips On Jennifer Aniston, Jen Dries Teary Eyes With $1,000,000 Bills



In this month’s issue of GQ, Jason Sudeikis brushes off a question about dating Jennifer Aniston with a laugh, saying “She should be so lucky.” Whoa, do you need some aloe for that burn, Jen? Now, its pretty hard to feel sympathetic toward a toned, gorgeous millionaire still living high off Friends money, but seriously, that was way harsh, Tai.

Jason’s little dig makes us want to call Aniston up and tell her to come eat Nutella with a spoon at our place, while we watch Drop Dead Gorgeous in our sweatpants. Were going to be doing it anyway! Sudeikis and Aniston were rumored to be dating as recently as two weeks ago, having worked together when filming The Bounty Hunter. But apparently that did not end well! Also adding intrigue to insult is Sudeikis fairly recent divorce and reported new relationship with Mad Men’s January Jones.

Considering Sudeikis is a comedian who is also currently dating one of the most beautiful creatures alive, were going to assume he was just making light of the rumors surrounding his personal life. But even if it was a joke, it seems like a cruel one to make in public, given that it’s only going to fuel the insane idea that Aniston is Hollywood’s Honorary Spinster Aunt. We hope for Jen’s sake that its the latter, but either way, girl, you are always invited to come cry on our couch. Just bring your own spoon.

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– Halle Kiefer

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