Lindsay Lohan Gets To Do Drugs In Jail



Where can we get some of that lucky star action that follows Lindsay Lohan around? We’re all up to speed that Lindsay was carted off to the  Century Regional Detention Facility yesterday, after turning herself in. And giving a killer mug shot, we may add. But here’s where you’re probably going to squeal “no way.” It’s very likely that Lindsay will only spend 14 days in jail, which is a drastic reduction from her 90 day sentence. Way better than the 23 days she was going to spend in the slammer.

The reason for this ridic break is overcrowding of jails. Now while that might be the case, do regular folks ever get this treatment? Paris Hilton spent 3 weeks in jail and she was supposed to spend 45 days. Nicole Richie spent a grand total of 82 minutes behind bars. We’re sensing a pattern here. Of course, good behavior has its part to play in a reduced sentenced. Someone obviously gave Lindz the memo because Whitmore revealed she’s been “extremely cooperative.”

Keeping her company will be her BFFs, prescription drugs including Adderall and Ambien. Yep, she’s managed hooking up her doctor’s permission for popping those pills even while she’s rocking an orange jumpsuit. Docs say the meds are valid, so she gets to have them. Unfortunately it’s rumored that the prescription pills are what got Lindsay into trouble in the first place.

[Photo: Getty Images]

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