Miley And Taylor Argue Over Who Has More Musical Cred; Rest Of America Rolls Eyes



What should a person who cant legally smoke, drink or vote (our three favorite pastimes) do to stave off boredom? Might we suggest starting an ill-advised public battle? Miley Cyrus is allegedly p to the od following Taylor Momsen‘s choice words about Cyrus’ music career. Or as Momsen puts it, “Disney bubblegum s**t.”

We think that is pretty hilarious, given that at her age we were still singing “Part Of Your World” into a hairbrush in front of the mirror. But then again, we also went to prom with our cousin Steven, so we might not be the authority on being a bad-ass. According to the source, now “Miley is furious – who wouldn’t be? She thought Taylor was pretty cool until this happened, which has left her totally confused.”

We completely understand, Miley, since we are often confused by Taylor Momsen, which leads to a lot of unanswered questions. For example, where is that girl’s mother? Adds the source, “Taylor is so obviously desperate for fame. I mean, she’s traipsing around town in her underwear, or is that for the love of the music too?” Whoa, whoa, hey now! Making it that personal seems like a bad move. Have you ever actually seen Taylor Momsen? In 10th grade or not, one look in her eyes and you can tell she would rip a person’s head clean off their shoulders without thinking twice.

We would love, love, love for this feud to end with Miley sprouting giant black hawk wings ala the “Cant Be Tamed” video and shredding Taylor’s soiled lingerie collection, but in reality its probably just going to involve a lot of pouting and giving each other the side eye. But we can always dream, cant we?

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– Halle Kiefer

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