J-Woww Does Maxim, Shocks Us With Her Hotness



When you’re on a reality show that’s about to jump the shark, posing in a bikini for Maxim is par for the course. This morning we find ourselves analyzing these recent pics of Jersey Shore‘s J-Woww (Jenni Something-or-other, we’ll never learn her real name so why bother), and we’re pleasantly surprised by what we see. Sure they’re your standard ‘wet hair posing in a bikini licking a Popsicle like it’s a peen’ kinda photos, but J-Woww looks so stripped down and natural that we’re actually able to see that she’s somewhat pretty in that girl next door with massive fake boobs sorta way.

If J-Woww dropped the boob basket tank tops and Broadway show makeup and just walked around in bikinis and wet hair, it’d be a major improvement. Hint, hint, guidette.

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[Photo: Maxim]

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