David Boreanaz’s Secret Sex Life Gets Creepier Every Day



Okay, before we say anything else, can we please get this out of the way: Ew. Eww. EWWW. We just wrote about how David Boreanaz was being sued for sexual harassment by a “mystery actress,” after his whole adulterous turn with Rachel Uchitel. Turns out the actress is Kristina Hagen, and she revealed herself alongside Allred at – where else – a press conference.  All Hagen said was, “I’m very happy that Ms. Allred has agreed to represent me in this matter. I have confidence in the justice system and that is why I have decided to file this case.”

The suit claims that the Bones actor sent “sexually inappropriate text messages” to Hagan, who happened to be an extra on the show. It goes on to say that David was driving with Kristina in the car (umm why, exactly?)  in September last year and told her he was “the boss” and that he could “make things happen for her.” He then parked his car and “attempted to kiss her and touch her breasts but she pushed him away.”  Boreanaz then allegedly, “unzipped his pants, pulled out his penis and began stroking it until he ejaculated.”

Hagan also claims that he grabbed, kissed and fondled her and then “masturbated in front of her.” The very detailed suit reveals that David told Hagan that, “he and his wife had argued because there were reports of his infidelity” coming out — and that he and Hagan would have to “cool it.” Right. So, we’re confused? They were involved? How’s this sexual harassment, then?

Apparently Boreanaz kept telling Hagan that he would find her an acting job. He didn’t, and now we have a suit.  She’s not focusing her angry attention just on him though, she’s suing Fox and the Bones production houses as well for not taking care of the situation with the actor. He’s denying everything, as expected. His rep has spoken up stating, “The allegations concerning any alleged inappropriate conduct by David Boreanaz  are totally fabricated and absurd. There is no validity to this lawsuit.” Sigh. Stay tuned.

[Photo: Getty Images and Radar Online]

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