Sam Visits Lindsay In Jail, Is Immediately Sold For Cigarettes And Fake Tanner



Despite the legacy of their troubled, on-again/screaming-again relationship, Sam Ronson blocked out some time in her busy not-showering schedule to visit her ex-girlfriend Lindsay Lohan in jail. Ronson was reportedly carrying a delicious saw-shaped cake and a pack of dynamite labeled “Hot Dogs.” In addition to her ex, Lohan’s mother and manager have also been among the guests who have visited the jail bird since she entered the Lynwood Correctional Facility on Tuesday.

Here’s an idea worth considering: how about anyone who has ever given Lindsay Lohan drugs or used her to increase their own fame or encouraged her to be in Georgia Rule just stay away from the prison for a little while? Right? Nobody in that jail can possibly benefit from having that kind of crazy around. All Lohan needs now is her father Michael, Kim Jong Il and the guy from Saw to stop by for a chat and she’ll  feel like she’s back at home, except with slightly fewer shankings.  We just hope the authorities realize that at this rate, 3 weeks from now Lohan will be running the Latin Kings, and in 90 days she’s going to be released looking like Mickey Rourke as Ivan Vanko in Iron Man 2, covered in crude prison tattoos with giant electrical whips for arms, hungry for revenge. We always knew Mean Girls would have a sequel; we just didn’t know how many would have to die to have it made.

[Photo: GettyImages]

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