John Mayer Accuses Rainn Wilson Of Joke Thievery


Whether it’s been Joe Rogan vs. Carlos Mencia or Patton Oswalt vs. The Yale Valedictorian Who Plagiarized Him, we here at Best Week Ever have always paid close to the dirty world of joke theft. And now, none other than John Mayer is accusing one Rainn Wilson, the not-so-popular-choice to be the next head of The Office, of thieving one of his friends’ jokes on Twitter!

On a post he wrote on his Tumblr site earlier today titled “Show Your Notes,” John Mayer presented some pretty compelling evidence that Rainn Wilson had stolen a joke that was originally penned by Jordan Rubin and posted to his Twitter account. The original joke, which was originally posted back on April 10 and was viewed over 100,000 times, was a Photoshopped look at Rubin’s inbox, one that was meant to convey how dashing and important Rubin is. Not necessarily hilarious, mind you, but it was something that Mayer claims Rubin worked long and hard on. Then, just yesterday, Wilson posted THE EXACT SAME IMAGE on his Wilson’s Tumblr site without any attribution whatsoever.

The evidence is, as you might expect, below:

Is this thievery? We wouldn’t go that far. There are lots of pictures floating around the internet that are impossible to “credit.” We don’t think that Wilson is guilty of joke thievery but, rather, of being a tad bit negligent when it comes to attribution. We’re of the mindset that he probably should’ve at least said WHERE he got the image from, even if it wasn’t from Rubin’s original tweet. We highly doubt that Wilson saw Rubin’s tweet all those months ago, twirled his mustache like a villain from the silent movies and then plotted when and how he would take credit for someone else’s joke. That’s where Mayer goes too far, not stopping to consider that:
1) Wilson’s Twitter followers number in the millions (as of press time: 1,981,342), which means people are sending him stuff ALL THE TIME
2) Wilson posted this to his Tumblr using a mobile device of some sort (hence, the “Sent via my soul” autosig at the bottom of this), so he probably just saw this land in his inbox and passed it along

Instead of blasting Wilson publicly, Mayer should’ve simply sent him an email/DM/text — all famous people have each other’s contact information, right? — and asked him to make a correction (or, at the very least, throw some love to Rubin on his Twitter or Tumblr). However, Mayer let his emotions, once again, get the best of him, which resulted in Wilson’s public shame smearing.

So, Best Week Ever readers, what say you? Did Wilson “steal” a joke? Did Mayer go too far? Are you on Team Wilson or Team Mayer? Hit us in the comments!

UPDATE (7/27/10): John Mayer vs. Rainn Wilson, Round Two: Wilson Apologizes, Mayer Retreats And Deletes

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