Levi Johnston To Become Video Vixen



Levi Johnston is taking a break from being a responsible young man with steady employment and good impulse control to take a dip in Lake Terrible Decision. Just kidding! He does that on the daily.

The disaster-scape that is the future Mr. Palin-Johnston is now slated to star in a music video for R&B sensation unknown person Brittani Senser.  Don’t recognize the name? Don’t worry. One day, all of humanity is going to unite in their shared lack of recognition of Brittani Senser, and the world with echo with a resounding “Who?” The way we would describe her might be: you know how your cousin’s girlfriend is always talking about starting her music career, but really she just works at the travel agency and goes to Karaoke Wednesdays at the Lobster Pot every week? Okay, and then imagine if Sarah Palin’s future son-in- law was starring in her video. It’s like that.

The best part is, not only will Levi hopefully be sliding down in slow motion down a stripper pole wearing a polar bear G-string (Senser, call us!We have a lot of ideas!) during his turn as video boy, but apparently the plot of the video is pretty much a documentary of his life.  As “After Love,” Senser’s undoubtedly amazing ballad, plays, Levi will depict a heartbroken boyfriend driven from his lady love by her scheming mother.

Seriously, only Levi would expose his family’s interpersonal problems in a video made by a musician so beyond Z-list we’d have to learn hieroglyphics to properly describe her.  Based on the high Palin-humiliation factor, we have a sneaking suspicion that “Brittani Senser” is actually code for “Barack Obama in drag,” which would explain why the song is mostly hysterical laughter layered over a throbbing house beat. We smell the next big summer hit. Remix!

[Photo: GettyImages]

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