Little Girl Lost Gets Little Girl Lost Tattoo



When exactly did Lindsay Lohan’s life start turning into a grindhouse film? Oh, years ago? Fair enough. As Quentin Tarentino continues to art direct Lindsay’s debut in “Caged Heat 3: This Time It’s Girl-sonal,” sources report that Lohan has totally committed to her new role/walking nightmare by getting a new tattoo.

We actually completely support this idea. Lindsay is going to need all the street cred she can get on the inside. We’re guessing that’s also why she’s apparently had a pair of brass knuckles implanted in her upper lip. Haha, we’re just kidding; Lindsay’s not that out of it. Besides, she’ll be learning how to make a weapon out of a toothpaste tube in no time!

Getting a jump on the pen-and-safety-pin mosaic she’ll undoubtedly get over the next three months, this tattoo appears to be that of a sleeping little girl on her arm, done in Lohan’s signature color Infinite Freckles brown. The child bears a strong resemblance to a Precious Moments doll, characterized by their extremely wide eyes (probably from seeing that the cell toilet is right there out in the open). Lohan reportedly got the tattoo because she “liked the innocence.”

Good lord. Forget Tarentino, this is starting to turn into a John Waters movie. Isn’t this the part where Cry Baby has to win the chicken race in order to win back his girlfriend Allison, the square? Where’s Hatchet-Face when you need her? Oh, she’s Lindsay’s cell mate? Fair enough.

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