No Surprise Here: Paris Hilton Is The World’s Worst Ex-Girlfriend



We have come across many examples of Paris Hilton‘s deplorable behavior over the years but here’s just one more to really solidify our hate. Hilton was reportedly partying at a club in St. Tropez with her newest rich boyfriend, Jho Low, when her ex-rich-boyfriend¬†Doug Reinhardt happened to stop in for some table-top dancing and bottle service of his own. Of all the gin joints in all the world, right? What are the odds? But Hilton was not happy that she had to share breathing space with her ex and Page Six reports that “she asked the deejay to announce, ‘Paris wants Doug Reinhardt¬†to get out,'” after which, Reinhardt left, presumably to find the other club in St. Tropez where douchey Americans go to spray Champagne and VD on others of their kind.

On the one hand, sure, show me a pair of exes that really enjoys running into each other at a bar – admittedly, it’s not something most people enjoy. But on the other hand, Paris could have easily turned her eye (her good eye, at least) away from Doug and ignored him, thus allowing him and all the other club-goers to co-exist peacefully instead of coming off as a royal b*tch. It wasn’t bad enough that he dressed in a tutu for Paris, now he has to deal with public shaming. Of course, dating Paris was his choice, and a source of shame in its own class.

[Photo: Getty Images]

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