Tiffany And Debbie Gibson Pull Hair, Throw Pies and Flash Panties In Catfight Caught On Video


We’re hip to the fact that a number of Best Week Ever readers probably weren’t even alive for the great Mall Wars of the late eighties, a pre-Bieber era of teen pop music history that pitted the perky, blonde Debbie Gibson against a slightly trashy ginger known as Tiffany. While most would argue that Debbie Gibson “won” their battle back in the day, Tiffany has been determined to win the war for all-time cultural supremacy. To wit, Tiffany posed in Playboy way back in 2002, a feat which Gibson went on to copy some three years later. Advantage Tiffany?

Not so fast! As a means of settling this grudge match once and for all, the two recently flashed their claws for a no holds barred catfight on the SyFy Channel as part of the movie, Mega Python vs. Gatoroid. Their surprisingly feisty fight begins in the VIP section of a club and ends in a swamp with Gibson muttering “I think we’re alone now.” Advantage, um, Gibson?

[via Movieline]

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