Zach Braff Puts On His Director’s Scarf To Make Another Mopefest Or Two


Fedora-wearer Zach Braff has been so busy at his day job acting on Scrubs (which, despite numerous attempts at cancellation, only just kicked the bucket this year) that he didn’t have time to create a follow-up to his 2004 film Garden State until now. First, Braff plans to direct the upcoming film Swingles which is about thirtysomethings in the dating scene, which he also helped write. Swingles. Hmm, that sounds familiar. Oh, wait no, we’re thinking of Weality Bites. (We just found our new favorite game, “Movies of the 90’s as pronounced with speech impediments.”)

Braff is also writing another film, which he says will be more personal, and that even though he’s “not going to pontificate about the state of twentysomethings or thirtysomethings every time I make a movie” that this one will be more “in the Garden State oeuvre.” In other words, that hopeless feeling you’re going to get as you leave the multiplex while also humming a song by Bon Iver? You just got Braffed.

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