Bless-phemy! Mel Gibson Goes To Church Amidst Another Audiotape


Another piece of the dysfunctional puzzle has been put into place: Mel Gibson decided to go to church, well, his church. This weekend the controversial actor (that’s putting it nicely) was spotted for the first time since the scandalous, abusive audiotapes with Oksana Grigorieva went public strolling from his Malibu home to the private Catholic Church he built in 2003.

According to reports the church was on lock down since Mel could be a target for violence. Security guards were reportedly checking IDs at the door and checking cars in the parking lot. We were hoping for further reports and testimonials from churchgoers saying that Mel saw the light, collapsed into tears by the altar, confessed his sins and begged for forgiveness, but no such luck. That would have been one Hell of a story though, right?! Um, we’d apologize for swearing but this is Mel Gibson we’re talking about. F*ck it!

Instead, The Passion of The Christ star is under more fire and brimstone for yet another leaked audio tape targeting Timothy Dalton, Oksana’s ex. Thus far, Mel’s rants have consisted of racial slurs, sexually explicit insults and strings of curse words so long and so loud even we had to cover our ears, but this Timothy Dalton rant is taking it to another dimension of insanity and perversion when he accuses a silent Oksana of having sex in front of her son. He begins the phone conversation surprisingly calm (for him) telling Oksana that she is “not a f*cking woman,” and for her to “f*ck Dalton.” Then the screeching begins, “You f*cking don’t love me one bit and you know it.”

Please Lord, hear our prayer – make Mel and his scary tapes stop!

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