Snooki’s Body Image Is Just Fine, Thank You



There’s a reason why Nicole “Snooki” Polizzi chooses to spill out of one-piece swimsuits and not bikinis. As you can see from the pic above, our Snookster does it with pizazz, bless her boozy little soul. She rocks that leopard print like no one else can! But why the one-piece?

She explained, ” I would rather wear a sexy one-piece whether I am heavy or down to 90 pounds. I wore one-piece suits when I was really skinny to hide my nakedness in a sexy way. I think they are more provocative because it makes guys want to see more of me.” Truth be told, they saw plenty of sexy Snooki’s bathing suit wear in Miami.

But all that tequila and hangover food (read: grease) has been rough on our heroine, and  Snooki reveals she does want start working on her fitness again. “I do like to feel healthy,” she stated. “”After eating fast food and drinking booze every day in Miami, I know I need to lose weight. I want to feel better. I plan to go back to eating salads and chicken with no drinking.” No drinking? Say it isn’t so!

But seriously… for all we yap about about the Jersey Shore…. HOW did we not know that Snooki was a cheerleader in high school? (Take a moment to visualize.) Pom-poms, poufs, spirit, fist pumps – it’s perfect! Straight from the pony’s mouth, “I was more fit when I was cheerleading in high school.  I will hit the gym and do cheerleading stunts for some good exercise in coming days.” Can we please, please see her doing a herkie on video?

She also went a little PSA about body image (which we like), commenting, “My self image was fine when I came down to Miami in April and it’s fine now. We all have flaws. We work within them to look our best.” Awww. This is Snookie though, remember. There has to be some sort of Jersey Shore addition to the sentiment. Your dose of the day?  “We don’t sit around wondering how hot we look. We want to see how hot the guys are.”

Oh, Snooki, can we hang out with you?

[Photo: Getty Images]

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