DMX Back To Where He Started… Jail



We would not want to be in DMX‘s shoes right now. Here’s what’s happening in a nutshell:

In terms of the scales, he’s tipped way up crap-creek. And in a funny way, he’s coming full circle slammer-style. Look at his pattern: He was sentenced to jail earlier this year in March because he violated probation. And he was in the clink for¬†verbally threatening a guard during his jail sentence last year while he was in for drug possession, animal cruelty and theft.

A¬†2002 reckless driving sentence was the original criminal culprit. DMX was smart enough not to contest the crime, which earned him probation. Unfortunately, he wasn’t smart enough to not screw up his probation terms…AGAIN. It’s like DMX deja-vu! He’s back in jail for 90 days.

Question is, will he managed to pull a Lohan and get out early? They both got the same 3 month term. Maybe his prison will be overcrowded too?

[Photo: Getty Images]

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