M.I.A Spits In Photog’s Face, Becomes Least Popular Person In America



Hey M.I.A., your album tanked and your own producer said so. People kinda think you’re nuts because you morph into WTF-crazy lady on everyone from cute little Justin Bieber to Lady Gaga. You even went a bit batsh*t with the  New York Times. We get it; you’re a lean, mean insult machine. But the reason why the world tolerated all the bile you tend to spew is because you actually have/had talent. We’re not so sure anymore and guess who you have to blame. Hint: it ain’t us.

Case in point: M.I.A was headlining the Hard NYC festival over the weekend and her grand show didn’t go exactly as planned. It’s kinda-sorta understandable that she was pissed because of sound problems. But, to be fair to the sound check guys… the singer pretty much tanked with or without their help. She also peaced out of her set early, pausing to – wait for it - spit on a photographer’s face.

And guess who was there to chronicle her disaster of a set? Her old pals from the New York Times. They ripped her apart, and you know what… she totally gave them reason to. Their review reads, “The set started with “Steppin Up,” with M.I.A. backed by about a dozen power drills as part of the rhythm track: noise triumphant. But M.I.A.’s vocals were often so buried in echo, and the bass so bloated, that her lyrics just became more of the din, and the songs that she segued together like a disc-jockey set were barely distinguishable. Instead of a barrage, it was a morass.”

She could possibly try to blame the NY Times for being biased, but what does she have to say about music forums, swarming with angry disappointed fans? One blog forum railed, “After enduring hours of sizzling heat in the rave-like atmosphere of the Hard NYC festival on Governors Island on Saturday, even hardcore MIA fans were scrambling for the first boat back to the city by the fifth song of an abysmal set that left concert goers puzzled, upset and even full of pity for what was once one of the brightest stars in world pop music.”

[Photo: Getty Images]

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