Diddy’s Got Mo Money, Mo Problems



Oh, Diddy of the changing names, just like Prince. Will you become a symbol too? There happens to be a particular symbol chasing you around. Perhaps you’re familiar with it – it looks like this, “$.” Now put together about a million of those symbols and perhaps David Frankel will stop hunting you down.

Frankel, who? Frankel the finance commissioner of New York City, that’s who. And he’s looking for you! Diddy needs to write a big fat check to NYC for defacing the city with numerous promo-posters. And his tab for the illegal activity has topped off at $996,000.

Sean John‘s got company too. There’s a whole host of people that need to pay up for all their illegal promotion and together, they owe the city a whopping $1.9 billion. Yikes. Says Frankel, “We are going to find these people. We’re going to turn them upside down by their ankles and we’re going to shake them until the money comes out of their pockets.”

Hm. Seems like the more money Diddy comes across, the more problems he sees, eh?

[Photo: Getty Images]

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