Rihanna Gets A Part In The Battleship Movie



Battleship, the game of naval strategy and guessing letter-and-number-combinations is coming to the big screen. Yes, they are turning our beloved Milton Bradley game into an action flick starring Alexander Skarsgard and, wait for it. . .Rihanna. From the photos taken at her stage show, maybe she has a destructive military streak in her after all. (Doesn’t she look like she needs the stump of a cigar to chomp on in that pic?) Battleship marks Rihanna’s acting debut, though we have no idea what role she will play because the film is based on a game that has no people, just beeps and computerized explosion sounds.

Personally, we feel that this casting choice only makes sense if they can squeeze RiRi’s single “S.O.S.” in the flick somewhere (this is a game that relies entirely on distress signals after all). We doubt that they’ll use that old song though, you just know that they’re going to try and cram the line “You sank my battleship” into a dance remix. (“You sank-ank-ank-ank my bo-o-o-oat”?) The film is set to release in May 2012.

[Photo: Splash News Online]

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