Selena Gomez Does Her Entire George Lopez Interview On A Talk Box


Selena Gomez appeared on George Lopez last night and apparently lost her voice the morning of the interview, but rather than cancel (the Lopez must go on!), she did the entire interview by recording her responses beforehand on a talk box and playing them for the crowd. The result is immensely awkward, but captivating – it’s like listening to Stephen Hawking reminisce about being an 18-year-old girl.

Be sure to stay tuned for the genuine laughter at the 6:54 mark:

Guess the Letterman and Jimmy Fallon appearances last week caught up with her.

Ya gotta pace yerself in this biz, kid, or yer gonna end up like a frog on the sauce, ain’t gotta dime left to croak with! - Old Timey Showbiz Man

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