Chuck Bass Doesn’t Want Anything To Do With Vanessa


Isn’t it awkward when real life mirrors TV? There’s always been bad blood between Gossip Girl man-whore Chuck Bass and Brooklynite Vanessa Abrams, and now the stars behind the characters are emulating their scripted beef. Only, this won’t go away with the swipe of a scriptwriter, unfortunately.

Ed Westwick and Jessica Szohr (Bass and Abrams, respectively) split up recently because  she couldn’t keep from pawing heir Marco Minuto. Problem is,  you don’t mess with the Basstard and get away with it. It’s a cautionary tale of how dating a co-star can go horribly wrong because the ensuing drama is screwing up the entire cast’s mojo. A source explained, “Jessica still misses Ed and want’s him back. However, he is heartbroken and wants nothing to do with her. Ed has really alienated Jessica from the rest of the cast.”

Sadly, Szohr’s really feeling the heat because of Westwick’s blacklisting. It was Nate’s, err, Chace Crawford‘s birthday last week and while the whole cast was celebrating at Scalinatella, guess who wasn’t invited. When  Blake Lively, Penn Badgley, Crawford and Westwick hung out at The Smith, Szohr was banned from the get together. Says a chatty source, “Ed doesn’t want to be around her, he’s still very hurt.”

Not so different from a Gossip Girl episode, is it? XOXO!

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