Coco: A Poetic Butt Pictorial



“Rise and Shine, I’m blessing u with a nice morning view. Rolling out of bed is hard.” Thus spoke Coco, wife of Ice-T and owner of one of the most flaunted backsides of our generation, first thing yesterday morning when she greeted the world with a Twitter picture of her bare bottom. Poetry, no?

Coco has never been shy about showing off her ass(ets), and we’ve certainly never been shy about loving her for that, but this is certainly the most bare-naked view we’ve gotten. So, in honor of Coco’s way with words and her way with squats, we would like to present a haiku and retrospective look at some of her finest work, call it a “Rear In Review” if you will. It’s all for you, Coco.

It’s Coco’s World, we

just live in it. No ifs, ands

or giant, round butts.

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[Photo: Coco’s World]

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