Cover Your Ears! Paris Hilton Records Another Album



Why must Paris Hilton persist with this singing business? Why must she perversely enjoy making our ears bleed? We hate to admit it, but we totally heard every single song on her debut album,  Paris. And God help us, but the mere mention of her cover Do Ya Think I’m Sexy brings back awful memories of the auto-tuned track stuck in a loop in our heads.

You would think the nightmare would not, and could not possibly repeat itself. Think again, people, think again. Because Paris, she of the lofty musical ambitions, has some new inspiration: pocket-Venus Kylie Minogue. Cue Jaws theme song. Hilton trilled, “I’ve always loved Kylie Minogue. She’s one of my favorite artists. I’ve been really inspired by her. I wanted my music to kind of emulate her. I love her sound and I love the way she is.” And then she revealed to sounds of shattering glass worldwide, “I’ve finished recording my record. It’s like dance or club music. The album’s going to be out in a few months.” We suggest running for cover!

[Photo: Getty Images]

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