Gold-Digging Crazy Woman Claims To Be MJ’s Love Child



It’s near impossible to let a celebrity rest in peace, isn’t it? Christopher Reeve had his memory tarnished with allegations of a relationship with a gay porn star. It’s now Michael Jackson‘s turn. Out of the blue – that’s how these things happen – a certain Mocienne Petit Jackson has popped up claiming to be Michael Jackson’s  illegitimate child.

Ms. Jackson, who currently lives in the Netherlands, spins such a crazy yarn that we can’t even form a proper note about it. Enjoy the hallucination.

  • Michael Jackson got her mother Barbara pregnant. This was in 1975, when he was 17 years old.
  • Her mother, Barbara, is Diana Ross‘ sister, making Mocienne her niece.
  • Katherine Jackson, MJ’s mother, tried to abduct Mocienne when she was 9 years old because she wanted to protect MJ’s image and send Mocienne to Belgium.
  • All seven of her kidnappers are now dead. Apparently they were murdered.
  • She, like, MJ, has Vitiligo. Like father, like daughter, is her point.
  • She wants custody of the King of Pop’s children. Because she can give them a “more normal life.”
  • Seriously.

Yes, this woman knows all about normal. What does she want, you ask? Money. And she’s filed suit at the  L.A. County Superior Court to lay claim on a tidy slice of that Jackson inheritance. No word if the judge will grant her a DNA test, or just throw it out of the window. We’re putting our money on the latter. And that’s that.

[Photo: Getty Images]

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