Wendy’s Review Keeps It Frosty; Classy


Rarely a Wendy’s experience passes me by where I don’t think “Damnnn why these burgers so square??” Wendy, she of the lightly battered fry and angular meat patties, has got a pretty good gig going for herself. My BFF in high school and I went through a lengthy phase of being obsessed with their delicious Frosties. We would wait til wintertime, take my unbelievably broken Lincoln Continental (baller!) through the drive thru, order Frosties, and sit in the parking lot with the heat cranked up to the max, and pretend we were in the thick of Summer. Sure, we were killing the environment, but we were just a couple of krazy kidz!

Good to know that only 2 years later (get it? I’m 18 in this scenario), the Wendy’s name still means something. Check out this glowing review we came across where the Wendy’s brand is still proving itself to be above and beyond fast food perfection:

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