Zac Efron Spends His Charlie St. Cloud Money At Strip Club


Page Six is reporting that Zac Efron and HSM buddy Corbin Bleu spent $2,000 at respected strip club Flashdancers Gentlemen’s Club, purveyor of some of the best taxi signage in NYC, on Sunday night. Even though I’m not so much into strip clubs as not, this makes me like Efron more for some reason. It makes him seem more like a normal dude rather than some fancy steppin’ dream boat. And I find him charming, acting-wise. Hell, I even watched 17 Again and enjoyed it. That’s a lie. I did not enjoy it but I kept watching because Efron is so effing likable. I do feel bad that he grew up to be Matthew Perry though. Bummer. Anyway.

Reports Page Six:

Our witness continued, “The girls were all slim pretty brunettes, a bit like Zac’s girlfriend, Vanessa Hudgens. They were two Americans, called Shannon and Brandi, and a gorgeous Brazilian called Raquel.

Come now, strippers. We can do better. Brandi, I’m not talking to you. But Shannon and Raquel, let’s step it up with the good stripper names. I don’t necessarily know what a good stripper name is, but I know it’s not Shannon or Raquel. Good work with landing the Efron though. Just as long as you didn’t eff his ron. *gunshot*

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