Demi Moore Defends Her Bizarro Detox Regimen While Drinking Glass of Diet Air


4707286rnrnDemi Moore worked herself into a tizzy on Twitter recently while defending her diet du jour, the smoothie-based Clean Program. She spoke out against an army of angry hashtaggers by saying “I think you need to research what it is I am doing. There is no starving involved! It is all about nourishing the body!” rnrnHmmm, now to us, a liquid diet with the occasional salad seems like the kind of program you go on when they have to bulldoze the side of your house and carry you out in a whale sling for you to get to the grocery store, not when you are already model-thin. The diet apparently stresses the importance of “detoxing” the body. But if you are as rich and famous as @MrsKutcher, you probably already weigh 97 lbs, drink ice water melted from an ancient glacier and eat fresh produce hand-picked from an orchard by shirtless hunks straight out of a Soloflex commercial, so what exactly are you trying to “detox” yourself from? Your internal organs? Your bone marrow? The realization that you are old enough to have physically given birth to your husband? rnrnMoore did concede that the Clean Program was superior to the Master Cleanse, a diet she had tried earlier this year with husband Ashton Kutcher, in as much as it allows you to have food that requires chewing and doesn’t typically induce comas. Which is good, because if two of the planet’s most attractive people have to eat maple syrup, lemon water and cayenne pepper for days on end in order to look good, then the rest of us had better just give up now and start eating donuts at every meal. Wait a minute, that sounds like a great idea either way.  Everyone … to the Dunkin Donuts!rnrn[Photo: Film Magic]

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