Hilary Duff And Her Pre-Wedding Plastic Surgery Tweaking


Someone needs to tell Hilary Duff that her genes aren’t going to quit on her at age 22. In Touch says that’s junior Duff’s got the jitters before her wedding. Not about her fiance Mike Comrie, but because of the pressure of looking fab! Apparently this whole “best day of her life’ rhetoric has her so stressed, that she’s supposedly gone and got herself a boob job! And because at 22, her skin doesn’t cut the mustard… she’s getting Botoxed up as well ! Someone also needs to tell her that her smile on D-Day is going to look Nicole Kidman-ish.

A source revealed, “Hilary is obsessed with looking her best on her wedding day. She recently got her boobs done and has been getting Botox and fillers to make her face look as good as possible. She is determined to work out six days a week, and she brings Mike along so they can motivate each other. She’s lost 10 pounds already!”

The latter we’re on board with, even though we type this sitting far far away from a gym. This whole botoxing when barely legal thing… Charice much?

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