Bristol Palin Reacts To Levi Johnston’s Latest Babydaddy Mess



News recently broke about how Levi Johnston is becoming a serial baby daddy. He Who Can’t Keep It in His Pants may or may not have knocked up old flame Lanesia Garcia. They were getting it on while Johnston and Bristol Palin were on a break. But Lanesia was doing the rounds at the same time, as a source revealed, “Levi is one of three possible fathers who were with Lanesia during the probable week of conception.” Let’s repeat this: during the WEEK of conception. Seven days, three possible, virile Alaskan studs.

Bristol’s camp say she’s “heartbroken” and completely devastated by the news. Because obvs, an upright (pun kinda intended) gentleman like Levi would never! A source reiterates, “Levi insists the baby isn’t his, but no one really knows for sure.” He’s screwed (pun, again, kinda intended) things up because now Bristol’s rethinking their re-engagement, but the Palin camp state that “no official decision has been made.” They’re only communicating through text message. Aww, full circle! They got back together because of a lovey-Levi text! Who thinks they’ll stay together because of their new TV show? And could someone please send Levi a pack of Trojans so he can familiarize himself with the concept?

[Photo: Getty Images]

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