Dina Lohan’s Pissed Because Lindsay’s Being Treated Like Any Other Inmate



Let’s all get together and tell Dina Lohan what jail is about. Momma Lohan has her knickers in a twist because her incarcerated daughter Lindsay Lohan is being treated like “a common criminal.”

Let’s repeat slowly: She’s.In.Jail.With all this talk about Li.Lo getting special treatment in the slammer, Dina’s concerns have nothing to do with star service. She doesn’t have a pillow and ” doesn’t have cell phone privileges, that’s absurd.”  Dina added, “I talk to her through glass. There’s a phone and we put her on speaker, but I can’t even hug my daughter.” That’s just ludicrous, right?

Dina, listen to us. She’s in JAIL. She’s going to be treated like an inmate. We should be grateful that she graciously admitted that the “service” at the correctional centre  has been passable saying, “I have to say that the people inside have been pretty cool to her…the guards and the inmates.”

We don’t know why because Star magazine reports that Lindsay’s been driving everyone crazy. A released inmate griped about how Linds’ list of demands are…loud. She explained, “The other day Lindsay was freaking out because she wanted another blanket. She kept yelling out, ‘Hello! I asked for a blanket like two hours ago! I’m getting sick!’ It went on for hours.” Another source said that she’s been hollering for bottled water. Repeatedly. And a fan. Again, repeatedly. She got neither. Because, as we’ve been trying to tell Dina… for the last time… she’s in jail.

[Photo: Getty Images]

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