Dennis Rodman Walks Away Unscathed From Massive Car Wreck


It’s times like these when you gotta look up at the sky and thank whoever has your back. Dennis Rodman was in a nasty car accident this weekend, and should be extremely thankful for the way things turned out. He was driving with a friend in a Range Rover in Fort Lauderdale when one of the tires burst. We don’t know what speed they were traveling at, but the SUV ended up flipping over THREE times and naturally got quite bashed up.

People who saw the accident stopped to help them, and scarily, had to pull Rodman out of the wreck. Luckily, he walked away with just a scratch on his finger. His friend wasn’t so lucky; he had to be taken to the hospital for head injuries. Sure it was nice for people to stop and help, but the aura of celebrity tends to blind even the best of them. The good samaritans actually asked Rodman for his autograph after pulling him out of the car wreckage.


[Photo: Images]

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