Snooki’s Arrest Is The Best Thing To Happen To Seaside Heights, According To Mayor


The Mayor of Seaside Heights,where MTV’s Jersey Shore crew is currently filming its third season, has a message for Snooki: thank you for collectively pissing off my town’s tourists, residents and police department this past week and getting arrested. Well, more or less. When questioned about Snooki’s arrest, a very excited Mayor Ken Hershey told the New York Post yesterday, “We’re getting wonderful publicity! We couldn’t pay a half-million dollars for this!”

Please feel free to let us know if we are missing something, but Snooki gets arrested for her usual drunken disorder and get praised? Only the Queen of Guidettes would be able to pull that one off. It’s definitely not cute when Paris Hilton does it and it wasn’t even cute when that kid from The Sixth Sense, Haley Joel Osment, was arrested for drunkenly crashing his car into a mailbox back in 2006.

At first, details about Snooki’s arrest for disorderly conduct last Friday were about as fuzzy as her vision. TMZ initially reported that Snooki spent the day partying on the beach with a beer bong and doing body shots. The New York Daily News recently revealed that the arrest occurred after the MTV star became increasingly obnoxious on the beach and started trampling over beach goers. If a five second clip of Snooki “trampling” over New Jersey beach goers isn’t enough of an incentive to watch the next season of her reality show we don’t know what is. Please include this footage next season, MTV!

While there weren’t any updates to Snooki’s Twitter regarding her trip to the clink, her wing-woman and fellow Jersey Shore cast member J-Woww tweeted on Friday around 5PM, “Going to bail @Sn00ki out of jail… The things I do for this girl I swear.”

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