The Shorter List: Lady Gaga’s Craziest Fashion Moments



Now who on earth could that be? You can’t see her poker face, so it’s hard to tell. But we’ll give you a hint; she’s the first subject of VH1’s The Short List, which premiered last Friday! Join our hilarious experts each week as they sound off on topics ranging from the cutest celebrity babies to the best celebrity beach bods. Friday night they blasted into orbit with a look back at this “Lady’s” other-worldly attire that could only have come from the planet Glam. Give up? It’s Lady Gaga! Oh, you knew? What gave it away?

Follow along as we count down five of the choices that would’ve made our list…

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5. Tres Chick


There must be easier ways to get fresh eggs. Gaga wore this hat to the 2009 MTV Video Music Awards last September. We think Spencer Pratt borrowed it when he crashed The Hills finale party in July.

[Photo: Getty Images]

4. Lord Gaga?


Is it her? If it is, we think she should try out for a tour of ‘Grease’. You know, if that whole international superstar thing doesn’t work out. These pics taken for Vogue Hommes Japan in June 2010 could totally work as her headshots.

[Photo: Nicola Formichetti and Paramount Pictures]

3. Hood Ornament Hot


Do you find yourself watching rap videos and lusting after the chrome woman on the front of Diddy’s Rolls Royce? If you do, then this little number from Gaga’s Madison Square Garden gig on June 6th 2010 will make all of your wildest fantasies come true.

[Photo: Getty Images]

2. Jolly Green Gaga

No way! Our date wore this SAME outfit to the senior prom! Too bad we broke up soon after because her dad, the Jolly Green Giant, didn’t approve of non-giants. We still find it too painful to eat our peas. Despite the bad memories, we think Gaga rocked the look when she took her Monster Ball to Madison Square Garden on July 6th 2010.

[Photo: Getty Images]

1. Gagalope


In the misty forests of England, there is tale of a strange creature known as a Gagalope. Half antelope and half pop singer, the animal has been captured on film only once, on December 5th 2009 in London, after performing a set at the Jingle Bell Ball.

[Photo: Getty Images]

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