Tiny House, Perfect Bathroom


What’s going on here is that there’s a guy named Jay Shafer who has built a number of tiny houses, one of which he lives in.  The video below takes you on a tour of the house.  For the most part it’s just what you would expect from a tour of a tiny house.  And then he gets to the bathroom.  Oh, MAN, I want that bathroom.  The whole bathroom is the shower.    Do you know what that means?  It means you can sit down on the toilet while you take a shower.  I’m not gross. I’m not saying you have to use the toilet while you’re in the shower.  Although, if we’re honest I think we’d all have to agree on that being the least gross way to use the toilet.  But I’m still not saying that.  I’m just saying you could sit on the toilet while you’re in the shower.  How badly do you want to sit down while you’re in a shower?  So badly.  Literally the only problem with a shower is that you have to stand up the whole time.  Not so with a tiny house.  Also, if there was a toilet in my shower, I think I would actually enjoy my hangovers.

I found this on a blog called Laughing Squid by way of the twitter account belonging to Edith Zimmerman.

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