Vintage Tina Fey Commercial From The Nineties Resurfaces


Remember that episode of 30 Rock where Liz Lemon gets ruthlessly mocked by everyone on The Girlie Show staff after a regrettable commercial from her past surfaces? Well, in real life, Tina Fey never filmed a commercial for a cheesy phone sex line called 1-900-OK-FACE — at least, not that we know of! — but today, a video of a pre-makeover, pre-SNL Fey starring in a Mutual Savings Bank commercial hit the Internets. Somewhere in Manhattan, you can bet that Fey just uttered a barely audible “Blergh” under her breath…

And hey, if you don’t remember the episode of 30 Rock we mentioned above, here’s a quick refresher…

[Thanks, Vulture!]

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