Russell Brand Shaken Up After Crashing Lamborghini



Yikes, first Dennis Rodman got banged up while driving, and now Russell Brand. There must be some bad ju-ju in the air. Brand’s car accident went down while filming Arthur! in New York. What hurts even more is that he was in his brand new (rented) $238,000 Lamborghini Superleggera causing just under $10,000 worth of damage (and a bruised heart, of course) and some hefty installments to pay off.

Fortunately Russell wasn’t pranged up too badly himself. It’s reported that he was leaving the set and driving along in his Lambo when a truck hit him, slamming the driver’s side. He had to climb out of the passenger seat to get out. Scary!

A source confirmed, “The whole incident was pretty terrifying. Russell was very shaken. He refused to go to A&E [the emergency room] despite severe bruising on his arm and cuts. He’s gutted, as he’d only just taken loan of the car.”

Russell, we may like to show you off in your underpants… but we’re really glad you’re okay. Time for some R&R with fiance Katy Perry!

[Photo: Splash News Online]

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