Kanye West Follows A Random Dude On Twitter And Makes His Life Hell


Stop trying to  get in touch with Steven Holmes, okay? He’s going off the grid,  tweeting, “I won’t be speaking to anybody else, surprisingly not everyone wants to be famous. That’s all I’m saying – peace out x.” Do not pester him for anymore interviews either, because his Twitter announced with great finality, “Just to clarify, I mean I won’t be speaking to any more press/journalists.” We’re hurt, but point taken.

Who the f**k is Steven Holmes and why’s he throwing such major ‘tude?

Steven Holmes was your average, everyday lad from Coventry, England. He woke up one day and found out that Kanye West was on Twitter. “Blimey, right on!” he thought, and added himself to ‘Nye’s many thousand followers.

And that’s when West bestowed the greatest gift and the biggest curse alike on his Holm-ie. He followed him right back.

Random dude from Queen Lizzie’s land is the only person Kanye West follows on his Twitter, which apparently ruined his life (well, at least his cyber life). Holmes became the target of so much instant attention, that the wee bloke wailed to the Coventry Telegraph, “I was like, ‘Oh my God!’ but about 20 seconds later I had 20 messages from people I didn’t even know and my phone wouldn’t stop bleeping.” He’s had to duck out of Twitter, and has even deleted the app on his iPhone because the whole world and its grandma wants a piece of him.

Here’s a hash tag just for Kanye: #RandomlyMadeSomeoneMiserableTodayYay.

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