Katy Perry Chats about Lucifer, Disses Lady Gaga in Rolling Stone


Katy Perry is a busty walking contradiction once again in her new interview with Rolling Stone this month, as she discusses her fame, her hubs-to-be Russell Brand and most notably, her surprisingly conservative critiques of Lady Gaga’s sex-and-religion-themed Alejandro video. Perry attempts to explain her tweeted criticism, saying “I think when you put sex and spirituality in the same bottle and shake it up, bad things happen.” Hmm, we wonder if people in glass bikinis should really be throwing sexy stones, as it were.

While we certainly respect a person’s right to be spiritual, when most people ask, “what would Jesus do?” the answer is typically not, “lay butt-naked on a cotton candy cloud” or “dance around with a sentient gummy bear with his jugs out.”  Continues Perry, “Yes, I said I kissed a girl. But I didn’t say I kissed a girl while f-ing a crucifix.”

Don’t give Gaga any more (fabulous) ideas! In addition to promoting her new album Teenage Dream, due out later this month, Perry delved further into her own strict religious upbringing, saying “I wasn’t ever able to say I was ‘lucky,’ because my mother would rather us say that we were ‘blessed,’ and she also didn’t like that ‘lucky’ sounded like ‘Lucifer’.”

Wow, if her mom can’t listen to the word “lucky,” how demonic must “we freak in my jeep” sound to her? It’s got to be embarrassing when your own mom starts burning your albums…

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