Mean Girls 2 Heads Straight To TV, Lindsay Heads Straight To Mean Girls 2 Audition



A mere six years after its release, filmmakers are ready to ride the incredible critical and commercial success of the Tina Fey’s classic teen comedy Mean Girls…with a made-for-tv sequel. With no Tina. Originally slated for a straight-to-DVD release, all signs point to Mean Girls 2 being officially low-budget enough for Lindsay Lohan to actually star in it.

The movie, filmed with an all-new cast, will reportedly premiere on Disney-owned ABC Family, or so some glean from that fact that most of the new Plastics are aging Disney child stars like Wizards of Waverly Place’s Jennifer Stone and Nicole Anderson from Jonas L.A.. But really, why all the re-casting? Certainly Amanda Seyfried and Rachel McAdams might be hard-pressed to find time in their success-packed schedules to film it, but Lacey Chabert? Girlfriend is still probably wandering around the old Mean Girls set, rubbing an orange pleated mini-skirt against her face and whispering, “Remember when?.”

La Lohan also needs to get on this, stat. Not only will she be available (after 90 days in rehab) and looking for work, but she seriously needs to find some employment that doesn’t require showing underboob. Casting aside, at the rate it’s going, Mean Girls 2 will almost certainly make Labor Pains look like Breakfast At Tiffany’s.

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