Please Let This Start A Trend In Hollywood



Holy crap, Emma Watson‘s new haircut looks ah-mah-zing. Sure, she has the world’s prettiest face and is British so she can like, do anything she wants and still manage to be adorable, but this trim is a win. And now, let us bow our heads in prayer:

Dear Jesus and all the angels in heaven (Brittany Murphy, RIP). Please let Emma Watson’s recent hair chopping inspire Lindsay Lohan and other hos with extensions in different area codes to take shears and scissors to their plastic locks and chop away. Allow the orange-skinned skanks of Jersey Shore and The Hills to be free from the synthetic prisons sitting atop their heads. Shake Ashley Greene’s head free of the plastic porn star locks she so desperately has glued to her scalp. Dear lord in heaven, hear our prayer.

Also, please send us the new iPhone.

[Photo: EmmaWatson]

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