Wyclef Jeans Explains Run For President Of Haiti


When Wyclef Jean announced that he wanted to run for President of his native country Haiti, the news was generally met with a big WTF?  But in all fairness, don’t you think the artist should be allowed to explain exactly why he made his decision? It’s not like a crossover between the entertainment and political spheres have never happened. And why exactly are we pulling someone down for actually trying to do some good?

When asked by People, Wyclef explained, “The suffering of the people of Haiti, the youth of Haiti – which is the majority of the population – can’t take another five years of the corruption that’s been going on for the past 200 years. This is why I’m running.” Again, note that he’s been putting his money where his mouth is considering he founded and has been running his charity Yele Haiti for the last 5 years.

Folks wondering whether he’s thought his decision through would be surprised to know he has a game plan ready adding, “[My platform] has four pillars: education, job creation, instilling security into the culture, and, how do we get our agriculture back?”

Wyclef also commented that he knows how much scrutiny he’s going to be under (looks like he was right), and that a majority of the reaction to his candidacy will be met with disdain especially about his qualifications. He refutes, “Politics is a combat sport, so I expect nothing less than to be attacked everyday. Automatically, when people first see me they’re going to say, ‘Isn’t that the guy from the Fugees?’ But I’m hoping that next they’ll say, ‘Okay. He knows what he’s talking about.”

He also has a Haitian passport, has lived there for five consecutive years and owns property there, so he is legitimate in his bid. The majority seem to be on his side. A poll on People asking whether he’d make a good president has an overwhelmingly positive response so far.

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