Megan Fox’s Smooches Costar; Costar Says ‘Eh’



For a man so diminutive, Dominic Monaghan must have some huge cojones. When asked what it’s like to kiss co-star Megan Fox, the former LOST actor and erstwhile hobbit joked, “It’s alright.” Then when a tiny red laser dot appeared on his forehead, he cleared his throat and said, “No, I’m just kidding. It’s fine, it’s work.”

Megan then powered down her ocular machine gun and went back to doodling “Mrs. Brian Austin Green” in purple marker on a napkin. The two actors recently worked together on the video for Eminem‘s “Love The Way You Lie” video, which depicts the pair as an abusive couple so passionate that some question whether the video glamorizes the domestic violence it is meant to criticize. Well, that’s not exactly the ideal place to be assessing someone’s kissing ability, now is it? We respectfully demand a re-kiss!

To be honest, we too have been wondering what it would be like to plant one on a person so smoldering, so elegant, so perfectly sculpted by the hands of many, many plastic surgeons as Ms. Fox. We imagine it would be like kissing a beautiful new vinyl ottoman, or a mannequin with great hair.  Monaghan continued, probably while laughing nervously, “I said, ‘Look, I know that you’re married and I don’t want to do anything inappropriate.’ And she said, ‘It’s all kind of inappropriate, huh.'” Which is just darling of Dominic to say, but let’s be real.  It’s only a matter of time before Fox rolls over in the morning, notices that her husband is a washed-up 90210 actor 13 years her senior, and runs out of that marriage so fast she knocks a Megan Fox-shaped hole through the wall. And then Hollywood, look out! You’re going to get the most mediocre make-out of your life. [Photo: Getty Images]

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