Simon Cowell Overdoes The Manscaping


Simon Cowell must have been pretty inspired by The 40-Year-Old Virgin to get so zealous with his chest waxing. The American Idol judge, seen here just chillin’ out, shirtless on the deck of a boat in Nice, France kind of overdid it though. See, there’s grooming to keep things from being too unruly (like, for instance, J. Lo’s eyebrows when she was a Fly Girl vs. her eyebrows now) , and there’s overdoing it (Pauly D.’s eyebrows all the time). This grooming falls into the latter category, as Simon has created a landing strip like no other on his belly. It is a modern marvel of precision and questionable taste, with a dash of “Dear God, why??”

Makes us wonder if he, like Steve Carell, yelled out “Kelly Clarkson!” during his waxing session, or if there’s another Idol contestant’s name he prefers to scream out in moments of agony. If it were us, we’d go with “Bowersox!”

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