Levi Johnston’s Next Move: Mayor Of Wasilla?


Apparently, Levi Johnston is running for Mayor of Wasilla. This is not a hoax (but it most certainly is a farce). Let’s see, what could the possible reasons be for this new career direction?

• He wants to piss off almost-mother-in-law (twice over) Sarah Palin?

• Bristol Palin broke up with him …again… so he has nothing better to do?

• Brittani Senser kicked him out of  her music video after their Teen Choice Awards date went horribly awry?

• He’s going to be the baby daddy of the entire new generation of Wasillans, so he figured “Why not?”

Answer: all of the above.

It seems that Levi already had a back-up plan devised in case his television show with Bristol didn’t pan out. Which also means that there is some modicum of awareness about his own douche-baggery. His new reality show is going to be called Loving Levi: The Road to the Mayor’s Office. Loving Levi, eh? Sounds like a whole different kinda “show.” One that deals with his other favorite pasttime (just ask fellow Wasilla resident Lanesia Garcia what that may be).

Anyway, the statement announcing the new “docu-soap,” made us barf. Seriously. You have been duly warned. It read, “The docu-soap will follow the ever controversial, headline making, matinee idol handsome, father of one as he embarks on a run for mayor of Wasilla, Alaska.”

Matinee idol handsome? Who came up with that one? We’re guessing Levi.

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