Mark Salling’s New Single Out, We’re Cringing


If you’re reading this and are a Gleek, try not bludgeon us, ok? Because we’re going to admit… we do not like Glee. At all. In all fairness, we gave it a shot but Rachel and gang got far too precious to stomach. Having said that, in the few episodes we managed to get through, Mark Salling made quite the impression. Because A. he didn’t sing much and B. he’s hot. Yes, he’s strangely called Puck, but his smolder outweighs the silly name (Noah Puckerman doesn’t hack it either) and in our book that’s the math that counts.

Unfortunately, Puck’s sexy points are being deducted as we type. It’s a sadly unexpected tale. To preempt it, can we just say that Salling has a side project called Jericho and released an album called Smoke Signals in 2008. We also heard he did a decent job singing Sweet Caroline on Glee. The dude’s even a trained musician with piano, drums, guitar (bass included) all part of his repertoire. That’s hot.

Taking all this information into consideration you’d think that the album he’s going to release in October – Pipe Dreams – could, would and should rock. If his new single Higher Power is any indicator, then we’re going with a big fat fail. It premiered for the first (and sadly, not only) time on Ryan Seacrest‘s show. We’re going to try and be polite here and say…it’s twee. Really, really twee. And trite. And…not good. We’re now going to stare at his picture and try and recover from listening to it.

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