Paris Hilton’s Breasts Pimp Her New Fragrance


For some strange reason, Paris Hilton deems it fit to introduce some more stank, erm, fragrance to the unsuspecting public. She’s already got like, a gazillion scents out there with groundbreaking names like Paris, Heiress, Siren, Fairy Dust and Just Me. Somebody needs to tell Paris what Fairy Dust also means. It’s that white stuff that got her pal Lindsay Lohan into a whole lotta trouble. And after Paris’ pot shenanigans, she needs to walk a careful line (line…heehee).

Back to the point. Paris and her boobs dressed up as Marilyn Monroe to promote her latest scent, Tease. Because she wanted to hit you on the head with throwing in as much tease as possible. Paris is a tease. Marilyn is a tease. Perfume is a tease. You can’t run, you can’t hide.

What we want to know is A. does anybody care and B. does anybody even buy this stuff?

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